One Woman Conference

Find your courage. Be more effective. Lead powerfully.




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The Essential Event for Professional Women.

Get ready to join over 350 of the brightest minds and warmest hearts in the UK, as committed and inspiring professional women come together for the 2018 One Woman Conference.

Our delegates are business owners, and corporate leaders; managers and mums; activists and action takers. What brings us together? A shared sense that when women find the courage to step up to the level they feel called to, the whole world benefits.

If you know you are One of many women committed to changing the world for the better...

Get ready for the most transformational
two days of your career and life...


Get ready for the most transformational two days of your career and life...


This is not your average mind-numbing swing in, swing out conference.

It is a life-changing two-day gathering of extraordinary speakers, leaders and grassroots change-makers.
It’s not just a series of lectures,
but a two-day transformational experience.
It’s not just a networking event,
but an opportunity for deep, rich connection.
It’s not just great for your career,
but for your soul.

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The time is now.
The calling is loud and urgent.

We are hearing it in every sphere - politics, business, international development, the spiritual community:

"We need more women here!"
  • We know that companies with more women on their boards are delivering a 36% higher return on equity.
  • We know that 80% of the newly self-employed since the “Global Financial Crisis” are women.
  • We know that under a female PM, 30% of the current British cabinet members are women- we’ve a way to go, but it’s improving.
  • We know that FTSE 100 are more likely to promote women onto their boards after 5 months of bad performance. Research which is echoed in political spheres, law, public service and education.

When leadership is difficult - we are more likely to call on women than when it’s plain sailing.

It doesn’t take much to recognize that things are tough now.

We face a global crisis - environmental, financial, humanitarian, such far reaching scope. It will take us women stepping up in ever-greater numbers to help navigate our way out.

We need to be incredibly resilient to manage the challenges we often face.

But does this mean we have to be tough? Are toughness and resilience synonymous? This is what we’ll be exploring this year at the One Woman Conference.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."


We women will take on leadership in challenging times.
But we can’t do it alone. Powerful women need support.

This huge opportunity for leadership and impact is greater than it’s ever been.
Yet it’s tarnished. Research of over 1.3 million people shows we women are less happy than we were 40 years ago*.

How do we balance the call to leadership and entrepreneurialism with the calls in a million other different directions?

You may well be pioneering cancer research, launching a vital social enterprise, taking your not-for-profit into two new countries, spear-heading the most important project in your company’s recent history…


But let’s face it:

Someone still needs to pay the car insurance, take care of the sick kids, keep up with the social engagements and buy the birthday presents!

*Source: Huffington Post

How does the successful woman making an impact also enjoy her own happy, handled life?

Here at One of many™ we believe we have cracked the code on this, and we’ll be sharing all at the One Woman Conference.

The Three Common Challenges Facing
Aspiring Women Leaders


We live in a culture that celebrates the success of the individual.

Achievement, competition, independence are the norm. In order to be taken seriously we women have become high achieving, independent, Superwomen.

Our Superwoman syndrome is making us sick and alone.

  • We are 60% more likely to suffer job stress and burnout than men.
  • 29% of women are treated for a mental health condition
  • Our ability to conceive is diminishing

We need to reconnect with our natural gifts for collaboration and community. We need to align ourselves with others and share the burden and the success.


Even when we do succeed, many of us don’t feel we’ve earned it.

We worry that any moment we’ll be found out as the imposters we know ourselves to be.

We feel the need to work harder, we won’t put ourselves forward, and we hide behind charm or false humility.

The world that needs us is missing our talents because we don’t feel good enough.

We need to “own” our talents, and really claim our leadership potential.


Every woman has big ideas, dreams and hopes. She has plans for how she’d like to improve her family life, her wealth, her lifestyle. But for most women that’s all they will ever be. Dreams.

Not because they are not possible. But because of inertia.

Every day life comes along shouting “Do this! This is important!” There’s a million competing priorities for our attention, and many of us end up only ever handling the urgent issues. This constant fire-fighting has us miss out on the greatest gift available to us:


We need to surround ourselves with women who are up to stuff. Their momentum can often be enough to get us out of our rut and help get us in flow.


"It would be futile to attempt to fit women into a masculine pattern of attitudes, skills and abilities and disastrous to force them to suppress their specifically female characteristics and abilities by keeping up the pretense that there are no differences between the sexes."

Arianna Huffington

Learn the Four Steps to Leading Powerfully

Your curriculum designed by women, for women, delivered by women.

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Your Speakers


Dr Joanna Martin

One of many™
Visionary. Coach.
Catalyst. Entrepreneur.
Activist. Protective Sister.
Baby and Toddler Wrangler. Seeker.

Susie Heath

Content Collaborator and Coach
One of many™
Fashion Designer.
Horticulturist. Author.
Grandmother. Dancer.
Lover of Men

Annie Stoker

Content Collaborator and Head
of Coaching
One of Many™
Psychotherapist. Author.
Property Investor.
Chilled Out Friend.

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What women say about attending
The One Woman Conference

"Before I came into contact with One of many™, I was in a bit of dark place, and in zoning out, I wasn't showing up with my family.
When Joanna came out into the audience and said "We need leaders, and we need you to step up. Raise your hand if you know you need to step up." I thought "Whoaa I'm putting my hand down on this one!" Next thing I knew my hand was up and I don't know what happened...but I KNEW I was one of those ladies she was talking about that needs to step up.
What I discovered with One of many™ was that stepping into your leadership is not just like putting on your shoes, and just walking out. You have to live it, breathe it, be it.
I have now successfully run two International Women's Day events (and secured over £14k in funding for them). What's more I've launched my own successful photography business."
Karen Roswell
Photographer and International Women's Day Co-ordinater
"I was trying to balance work, the kids, the house, my husband. I was run down and looking to make life easier.
I discovered exactly that at the conference. I came out feeling lighter, and people kept commenting for weeks afterwards how different I was.
My husband thought I'd be back to normal after a couple of days. But weeks later I'm still happier, he's happier, everyone's happier! I can think of five women off the top of my head who just HAVE to go."
Sarah Silva
"I've never been a girly girl, so I wasn't sure about going to a 'women only' conference. But I'm so glad I did! Actually more than that... my husband is glad I made it to the One Women Conference. It completely changed our relationship, and my perspective on what it is to be female. Every woman and girl should know this stuff!"
Cat Townsend
Founder, The FeelGoodAgency

When and Where?

This life-altering 2-day event will be held Live in London at the Victoria Park Hotel in London.

Address: 239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EQ (Nearest Tube/Rail London Victoria)

Dates and Times:

Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th October 2018,

Registration: Saturday from 8am.
Conference: Saturday 6th 9am-6pm, (Recommended Evening Session: 7:30pm-9:00pm)
Sunday 9-6pm


Attendance Gifts

Start your journey of learning early by completing the One of many™ Women’s PowerTypes™ Profile.

Here at One of many™ we don’t believe you have to behave like a man to be taken seriously. But most of us avoid being seen to be too “feminine” because we assume it is weak. It isn’t.

That’s why we work with the Five Women’s PowerTypes™. Five stunning examples of how we can be authentic to the softer aspects of our nature, while remaining bold, feisty and in command.

We have created a powerful profiling tool to help you uncover your strongest, most natural women’s leadership style. Normally priced at $95 (£76) every ticket holder will receive a token to complete the profile free of charge before the event.

“Having completed the PowerTypes™ profile tool I was eager to see the results. The report was easy to read and follow, and it gave me great clarity for the areas I need to focus on. I highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to progress in their personal and professional development.” Debbie Buss, CEO

Do something you wouldn’t usually do.

Register now for the conference.

We know we’re asking a lot.  We’re asking you to spend time away from your family, your busy social life, and (heaven forbid) give yourself a gift!

But let’s face it.  If we’re serious about shaking up a plain vanilla life, it means doing things our plain vanilla self wouldn’t do.

When was the last time you made a decision that altered the trajectory of your life? Perhaps imperceptibly at the time, but in retrospect… dramatically.

The chance meeting of your husband because you said yes to a last minute party invitation; the chance opportunity for a new job because you met a new friend on the train; the chance discovery of your talent for pottery because you attended a class you wouldn’t normally have taken.

This is that chance.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of this event. If you don't absolutely love it by the end of the first day, come and let us know and we'll happily refund your ticket price. We just ask that you let us know you're leaving, and you'd like your money back.


"Here at One of many™ everything we do, we do because we believe in the Dalai Lama’s declaration that the “Western Woman will Save the World”. A bold claim.

But we believe we have the drive, the resources and the compassion to partner with our intelligent and resourceful sisters in the developing world to really transform this planet.

Some of my greatest role models in leadership have been the unlikely women leaders I met in the villages of Bangladesh. They were mothers, grandmothers, farmers, entrepreneurs and advocates of ending hunger in their community.

For that reason 30% of the profits from ticket sales to this event will go toward the extraordinary leadership development work of The Hunger Project.

You don’t need to choose between investing in yourself, and making a difference. When you invest with us, you do both. Thanks!"

Dr Jo Martin,
Founder, One of many™


It’s the mini-risks that make a life tingly.
It’s the little choices that shape your destiny.

This moment could be the beginning of a new direction for your
Or it might not.

After all, Today is just One of Many.
All we ask is you make the choice you’d hope your daughter
(if you had one) would make in your shoes.

Live a little!

One Woman Conference

Find your courage. Be more effective. Lead powerfully.


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One Woman Conference

Find your courage. Be more effective. Lead powerfully.


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