Annie Stoker

Master Trainer and Head of Coaching

One of Many TM

Psychotherapist. Author. Property Investor.
Dog-Lover. Chilled-Out Friend.

Annie Stoker is perhaps the UKs
most educated coach and trainer in what it takes to be happy.

Annie Stoker is perhaps the UK's most educated coach
and trainer in what it takes to be happy. She has distilled
27 years experience in diverse psychological and spiritual
perspectives into a simple but profound manual for the mind: The Personal Development Handbook.” She has
coached influential figures, and been featured widely on
TV, radio and in print.

Like many, her journey was an interesting one. It wasn’t until
Annie was 18 that she first heard someone make an off-hand comment about their plans to be permanently happy.


It had never occurred to Annie that she was supposed to be happy.
Based on those she saw around her, Annie had thought life was to
be put up with at best and suffered through at worst


Yet after completing a traditional English education Annie still wasn’t any closer to finding that elusive happiness, so she yearned to travel and explore her inner and outer world.

However, at 21 with passport and tickets in hand, Annie became very ill after being acutely affected by her travel inoculations and instead of travelling the globe with her friends, she spent two years in bed.

We all have “that moment in life”… that catalyst for change. This was Annie’s. Making the choice to leave the misery of her situation behind, she started on a path of holistic healing that allowed her to develop a deep level of acceptance and peace despite her debilitating illness. As her health returned she continued studying western psychological methods and eastern practices and began synthesizing everything she learned to help others.

Over the years she has gathered a post graduate diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Certification in Master NeuroLinguistic Programming, Master Results Coaching, Master Hypnosis, Performance Consulting, Advanced Neurological Repatterning, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energetic Healing, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Kinesiology. She has trained in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Aware Ego along with many other aspects of personal development. She has explored spirituality extensively with various teachers (sitting at the feet of one guru daily for over 2.5 years!) and incorporates the tenets and practices of clear mind and open heart awareness in her work.

(We did say she was very educated right?!)

Annie used her ever-growing knowledge of the mind to assist her in building a multi-million dollar property portfolio.

Having experienced not just health and sickness, but also success and failure,marriage and divorce, wealth and poverty, Annie now knows that real growth is not another ‘let’s make it all ok’ campaign.

It’s about finding the truth at the core of ourselves so that we have the inner freedom to deal with whatever life throws at us.

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