Susie Heath

Master Trainer and Coach

One of Many TM

Fashion Designer. Horticulturist. Author.
Grandmother. Dancer. Lover of Men.

Susie Heath is the UKs leading
facilitator in re-connecting women to the power of their strong feminine.

She is the author of two powerful books, “The essence of womanhood: Re-awakening the authentic feminine” and “Dance your way to the top: Feminine Leadership without burning out”. And her pedigree is impeccable.

Susie has lived through a period of the greatest revolutions of all time for women. Being in her 60s, she grew up during the second wave of feminism. As a consequence she enjoyed freedom her mother never had, particularly in her careers.

Yes that is careers plural, because these days- who has just one? She has been a buyer for Marks and Spencer, a shoe designer, a horticulturist featured at the Chelsea Flower Show and more.


Like you Susie has been faced with multiple challenges:
a highly lucrative corporate career, divorce, illness, launch of a successful business and everyday motherhood. But working like a man and running on adrenaline had its toll.


When ill health forced her to take a long hard look at her choices, Susie realised that rather than trying to compete with men, and be equal to them, she could embrace her uniqueness as a woman and all the gifts that brings.

Since then, Susie has worked personally with hundreds of men and women, helping them reawaken their authentic selves with her profound coaching and movement workshops.

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